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Danceville, U.S.A. | Columbus, Ohio | DANCE ON PURPOSE.

In the 1950s, a then unknown Berry Gordy worked long days at the Lincoln-Mercury plant in Detroit, Michigan. Every day, he would spend hour after hour pondering his life's purpose; questioning why he worked at a car manufacturing plant when his heart and soul belonged to music.

In the evening, he would frequent nightclubs and open mic nights trying to “make it big”—make a name for himself. Each night he would sing, and each morning he would work.

One day, while working at the factory, “AHA!”—an awakening: for years, he had watched scraps of metal, plastic, rubber and leather come in one end of the factory and leave a brand new, shiny vehicle on the other. With all of the untapped talent at the open mic nights in Detroit, why couldn't he do the same with the music industry? In with a nightclub singer; out with a superstar.

Hitsville, U.S.A. was born.

Gordy applied the assembly-line approach to human creativity, and in doing so he created pop culture icons like the Temptations, the Supremes and the Jackson 5. They would go from the street to the assembly line, where they'd receive top-to-bottom artist development: finishing school, choreographers, elocution lessons—the works.

Through this story, Danceville, U.S.A. was given a name and an extended purpose: to transform the lives of everyone who enters. Step in an untrained broken soul, and leave a polished being of purpose and happiness.

We tell this story as a reminder that this ballroom dance studio is the culmination of many tough decisions, wrong turns and broken roads, all leading to an exciting and innovative live art installation in the Short North Arts District of beautiful Columbus, Ohio.

The staff at Danceville, U.S.A. feels so passionately about the power of dance and its ability to change lives. And that, my friends, is our purpose as a business and as people—to inspire, and enlighten you—wholly. Dance changes lives, all you have to do is give in to its beauty and luster. Join our Danceville, U.S.A. family today!