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2017: The Year You Decided to Dance!

December 29, 2016
Are we too late? Have you made your resolutions for the New Year without us? Don’t cheat yourself out of the hundreds of benefits of ballroom dancing! Let us help ensure that 2017
will be a game-changing year for your physical health and mental well-being.

Each year at Danceville, U.S.A., we set goals with both our professional instructors and students. We make a list of accomplishments we hope to achieve in the New Year. In 2016, we far exceeded all expectations: from winning the Group Formation category at Ohio Star Ball (for the third year in a row) to making 12 appearances on Good Day Columbus,
Danceville, U.S.A. continues to prove that it is THE premier ballroom dance studio in Columbus!

This year, finding two new talented professionals was at the top of our studio goals list.
Not only did we find two, but we welcomed FOUR new professional instructors with dance backgrounds in styles such as hip hop, jazz, ballet, salsa, swing, waltz, tango and more! It’s no wonder why so many people are calling Danceville, U.S.A. “the greatest hot spot in the Short North Arts District!”

At Danceville, we take pride in our consistency, hard work and dedication; it shows through our sizeable clientele and successful growth rate. How did Danceville become so successful, so quickly? Because we believe in what we teach in our dance lessons. Plain and simple. We have seen the benefits of dance manifest in our student’s lives time and time again; everything from weight loss to Alzheimer’s therapy.
Invest in yourself. Change your life. You're worth it.
We truly believe that dancing is something everyone in Columbus should take part in at some point in his or her life! But don’t just take our word for it; nearly every commercial, television show, music video or film has some factor of dancing involved—and it’s only growing in popularity year after year. At the end of the day, dancing helps us create priceless memories and achievements that stay with us for a lifetime---that’s why we’re encouraging you to join us in the New Year!


How exciting would it be to be a part of something truly amazing and life changing? This is your opportunity to make a progressive, valuable change in your life; the opportunity to be a part of something special. Become a part of our family, meet new people, learn to dance, grow as an individual and add “dancer” to your list of many life accomplishments.

Stop by, call us or visit our online store to purchase our special introductory offer of two thirty-minute private lessons for $20! TWENTY DOLLARS?! It’s TOTALLY affordable and the perfect way to get your feet wet and start moving comfortably on the dance floor.

You’ll be welcomed with a warm smile and guided through each lesson by our talented team. We will show you the ins and outs of everything you’ll need to know to be a successful dancer and you’ll quickly create close bonds with our instructors and other beginner students through our group classes, parties and multiple studio events. You’re here, reading this article for a reason! Add us to that list of New Year’s resolutions and join us in 2017!!!

Invest in yourself. Change your life. You’re worth it.

Happy Holidays! See you soon.